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Нарине Мовсисян

Педагог, учитель английского языка
Нарине Мовсисян



Повышение квалификации

Опыт работы

«I have never thought of being a teacher really! I wanted to become a musician, and I loved playing acoustic and solo guitar in a rock band back then.

At the same time I always felt attracted to the English culture: those songs, movies and books by Jack London and Ernest Hemingway fascinated me. I really wanted to be able to read and understand them the way they were created, in original English.

My teacher in high school, her name was Mariam, gave me the advice to become a teacher, so I got a university degree in English language.

Being a teacher means a lot of responsibility, and a lot of sacrifice. It is of vital importance to be prepared for every lesson, and I emphasize the importance of relationship between me and my students. No significant learning can occur without a significant relationship!

When you work in the field of education, you should be a teacher who is inclusive, encouraging and ready to make everything possible for preparing good citizens for our society. You got to be positive, uplifting, fun!

And you need to have the ability to provide effective teaching and create opportunities for students to learn and discover new things.

Finally, I truly believe that we can change a lot in life when we are in great love and passion with what we do!»

Нарина о себе и о Школе
Март 2019